Monday, June 27, 2016

Golden 1 Center & Downtown Commons Construction Photos

Golden 1 Center with Downtown  Commons cranes in background 5th & L Streets  

The Golden 1 Center construction currently includes:
  • Installation of the roof solar system
  • Installation of Million Trees panels at exterior soffits
  • Installation of storefront & glazing at exterior north wall of Practice Facility
  • Installation of exterior LED video panel supports at each side of Main Entry hangar doors
  • Installation of LED ribbon board supports
  • Start-up, testing and commissioning of mechanical, plumbing and electrical equipment
  • Installation of interior drywall, texture & painting
  • Installation of metal ceiling systems at Main Concourse
  • Framing, rough-in, and build-out of concession stands and Central Kitchen
  • Installation of low-voltage / telecom / video-production cabling & racking systems
  • Installation of Data Center equipment racks, cabinets and in-row cooling units
  • Installation of casework, countertops and tile at Lofts and Suites
  • Installation of cabinetry, flooring and finishes at Courtside Clubs, Locker Rooms, Star Rooms and other Event Level spaces
  • Installation of glass railings at Lofts, Suites and Upper Bowl
  • Installation of seating in the Upper Bowl
  • Installation of elevators and related equipment
  • Installation of storm and sewer lines from arena to tie-in at 7th & K St.
  • Installation of storm drain tie-in at 5th & J St.
  • Installation of Plaza waterproofing, rebar, formwork and pouring concrete planter walls
  • Curb, gutter and sidewalk replacement work along L St. 

Downtown Commons (Doco) Construction
  • Forming deck in area near 5th & J Street at level 5
  • Placing rebar on deck in area near 5th & J Street at level 5
  • Pouring concrete on deck in area near 5th & J Streets at level 5
  • Raising column rebar in area near the scientology building at level 4
  • Placing forms for columns & walls in area near the scientology building at level 4
  • Pouring concrete for columns & walls in area near the scientology building at level 4
  • Forming and pouring columns behind area facing the scientology building at level 3
  • Forming deck behind area facing the scientology building at level 4
  • Forming deck near arena ramp area at level 3
  • Placing rebar on deck near arena ramp area at level 3
  • Pouring concrete on deck near arena ramp at level 3
Downtown Sacramento Arial view

Golden 1 Center with Downtown  Commons cranes in background 5th & L Streets 

Downtown  Commons construction at 5th & J Streets 

Golden 1 Center with Downtown  Commons cranes in background.
Taken from 555 Capitol Mall, 12th floor looking north.

Golden 1 Center on L Street looking west between 5th & 6th Streets 

Golden 1 Center looking west on K  & 7th Street 

Downtown  Commons construction looking south from 6th Street 

Downtown  Commons construction on J Street looking west. 

Downtown  Commons looking south on J Street. 

Downtown  Commons construction looking south at 5th & J Streets. 

Downtown  Commons construction at 5th & J Street looking South East.  

Downtown  Commons construction at 5th & J Street looking South. 

Downtown  Commons construction at 5th & J Street looking South. 

Downtown  Commons construction on J Street and 5th looking east. 

Golden 1 Center on 5th Street looking south.

Downtown  Commons construction on 5th Street looking North. 

Downtown  Commons construction on 5th Street looking North.

Downtown  Commons construction on J Street looking East.

Downtown  Commons construction looking east from 16 floor of Holiday Inn

Downtown  Commons construction looking east from 16 floor of Holiday Inn

Downtown  Commons construction on J Street & 
6th Street looking south.

Panoramic view looking north from 12th floor of 555 Capitol Mall

Panoramic view looking east from 16th floor of Holiday Inn.

Panoramic view from 7th floor of parking garage at r & 16th Streets

Friday, June 24, 2016

Eviva Midtown

Work on 118 modular apartments are moving right along. The Eviva project is unique because each prefabricated unit is built at an offsite plant then hauled to the construction site by truck to be stacked on top of the concrete podium. The units are then bolted together while plumbing, electrical and stucco exterior are added. Completion of the building could be this fall. An estimated cost to build is $37.5 million.

Eviva Midtown Apartment - 1531 N Street Sacramento, CA 95814

Eviva Midtown Apartment - 1531 N Street Sacramento, CA 95814

Eviva Midtown Apartment - 1531 N Street Sacramento, CA 95814

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ice Blocks Demolition

Future site of Ice Blocks project on R Street, Sacramento

After a fire destroyed the bones of the former Crystal Ice Block building last November, developer Heller Pacific is forging ahead with revised plans to develop the three block site. The land is now cleared and construction has begun at Block One next to Safeway.

This $80 million development will have 145 residential units, 46,966SF retail space, 100,631SF office space, 17,000SF for restaurant. 

Renderings of Ice Blocks on R Street, Sacramento

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Yamanee Midrise Approved Again

Round two of the Yamanee approval saga was a mighty blow to those trying to protect midtown from 14-story midrise. This last stand for preservationist and neighborhood associations ended as it began, with the city standing behind the proposal. The united City Council voted in favor of the condominium project despite its height, which would be about 76 feet taller than an apartment complex across the street.

The developer now needs to get financial backing and permits before demolition of the existing buildings can begin. If all goes as planned, the developer hopes to break ground in spring of 2017. As I have said before, this project along with others in the proposal process might not get built because of slowing market conditions, but this seems to be a common occurrence here in Sacramento where economic cycles peak about the time when many developers begin the proposal process. The last cycle left more than a dozen projects on the drawing board downtown as the economy took a dive.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Third Party Appeal: Yamanee Mixed-Use Project

After gaining approval to build from the city’s Planning and Design Commission on May 12, the city Council will hear a third party appeal lead by William Burg, President, Preservation Sacramento Board of Directors. William who is a self-proclaimed “Hindrance to Development” on several local forums has cobbled together several people and small activist groups who strongly oppose the project. While on the other hand, support for the project is solid and encompasses many small business and residence in the area.

Support for this project is broad; it’s being praised for its architecture, smart density, more housing, and bring an up upscale development to midtown. The public hearing scheduled for next Tuesday the 14th and should be a hoot. The City Council usually does not overrule the commission, so the preservation and neighborhood associations will have an uphill battle to sway the council. 

City Council hearing agenda for June 14th

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Midtown's 15Q Project Up For Review

15Q mixed-use project planned for 1430 Q Street 

D&S Development will go before the Planning and DesignCommission on Thursday to request approval of 15Q, an 8 story mixed use building. Located in the R Street Corridor, this 73 residential unit is asking for permits to exceed the maximum density and height for the district.

This mixed-use project also includes 97 parking spaces on levels 1 through 3, total building square footage 158,355, total height of 97.6”, and zero streetsides setbacks.

The Planning and Design Commissions staff has recommended approval of this project. The site is currently a paved parking lot.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Press Building Project

Press Building Mixed use 20th & Q Streets

This Thursday the 26th, the Planning and DesignCommission will review and comment on the Press Building project. This proposal includes reuse of an existing parking garage and constructing a five story mixed-use structure over the garage. The project includes 253 residential units

Press Building Mixed use 21st & Q Streets

The project site is currently used by the Sacramento Bee and its employees for parking across 21st Street from their main offices. The garage was completed in 1990 and consists of two levels. No estimated cost to build has been released. Here's a link to six previous concepts that were far more interesting than the current design. 

Press Building Courtyard view

Press Building Midtown Aerial