Tuesday, August 27, 2019

P Street Office Building

The 20-story office building looks to be putting up steel for 17, 18, and 19th floors. After the 20th floor is completed, an upper stepped back will be added on to the left side to give the roof a slated look. If you look at the rendering, this slanted roof will expose much of the roof top equipment. If this project had gone through the Sacramento Planning & Design Commission, this would have been address and hidden like on privately built high-rises. Because the State does not need to go through the Cities review, all roof top equipment and machinery will be visible from the west. About 20 years ago the State built the 25-story EPA office tower on I Street with a similar slanted roof, and if your viewing the tower from the north you can see all the equipment and machinery on top of the building. I hope the rest of the building is okay, you never really know until it's finished.

Taken from the Pioneer Bridge on Hwy. 50 going east.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

MLS Denies Sacramento Expansion

After five year of being strung along, Major League Soccer has again awarded another city a franchise. The winner yesterday was St. Louis and their scheduled to kick off in a new downtown stadium is 2022. At this point, Sacramento appears to be used as leverage against other cities also wanting a franchise. There is steep price to join the league, in April the expansion fee went up to $200 million which many have forced the Sacramento investors to recalibrate?
From the beginning, I thought both our city leaders and media were far too confident believing Sacramento was all but officially awarded a new franchise. MLS still plans to expand another two team in the next few years, but Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Raleigh and San Diego are going do their best to emerge as the best candidates too.