Monday, September 17, 2018

Township Nine Bankruptcy Sale

Proposed Township Nine fully entitled river front mixed-use project for sale

Colliers International is now promoting the bankruptcy sale of Township Nine and it’s 62-acre master planned community. With a majority if infrastructure completed with streets paved, sidewalks done, trees planted, and access to the bike trail on the American River. This site is ready to go vertical.

The site was planned to be home of 2,500 condos, office and retail stores and restaurants, but in the end only the Cannery Plaza Apartments were built. This project had so much potential, something tells me it will sit vacant for a while even if the land is sold in the near future.

Township Nine Cannery Plaza Apartments

The development was reported to be facing financial issues for quite some time but this last June The Board that reviewed the Company’s financial position found it was no longer able to pay its debts and needed to reorganize.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

301 Capitol Mall Tower Divides CalPERS Board

Capitol Public Radio’s reporting that the CalPERS board has stalled the project because of internal disagreements. It appears three CalPERS board members have voted against the project citing a study that the return on investment would be to low.

No plans have been filed with the city and no major tenant has been secured, both are required for financing. Will CalPERS drop the ball again? This could be CalPERS way of backing out of the project without saying perspective tenants aren’t eager to lease space like CalPERS had hoped. For over two year the proposed Vanir Tower, a 26-story high-rise on J Street also could not find perspective tenants to secure financing.