Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The "Good" Green Project

Last week I got to see the "Good" project in West Sacramento and I really like how this new Eco-urban community is turning out. As I walked around the model, I saw signs everywhere talking about high efficiency products and recycled materials being used to build the homes.

The location of the project is really convenient too... it's two minutes from downtown and the Rivercats are just around the corner. Another eye catcher of the project are several giant oak trees at the corner of the development. In the next few years, they will be incorporated into the community and part of a community garden for all residence to use.

Click HERE to learn more about The Good Project @ 4th & B Street in West Sacramento.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Metropolitan's Approved

A positive step forward was made today in the approval of John Saca’s Metropolitan Tower. With all Design Commission board members blessing and the City Council approval yesterday, there was no drama other than a few minor recommendations.

The tower was approved consisting of 190 condo units and 190 hotel rooms along with ground floor retail and restaurant space. The approved high-rise would rise 410’ to the roof and 435’ to the top of the spire.

Since November of last year, a few changes were made to the exterior like a grander/taller lobby, more precast concrete giving it a bolder civic look and a darker color. Over all, the high-rise now has a more traditional look. The original design was sleek and modern and most all the design commission members said that they really like it... but some where between November and today, the design was taken back to a more traditional style.

This tower is still quite a ways from breaking ground. With the current housing mess and credit crunch gripping the nation, Saca’s probably several years away from breaking ground.

I really like the darker color and additional use concrete giving the building more contrast. Good luck John, you're going to need it.