Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The "Good" Green Project

Last week I got to see the "Good" project in West Sacramento and I really like how this new Eco-urban community is turning out. As I walked around the model, I saw signs everywhere talking about high efficiency products and recycled materials being used to build the homes.

The location of the project is really convenient too... it's two minutes from downtown and the Rivercats are just around the corner. Another eye catcher of the project are several giant oak trees at the corner of the development. In the next few years, they will be incorporated into the community and part of a community garden for all residence to use.

Click HERE to learn more about The Good Project @ 4th & B Street in West Sacramento.


Jake Favour said...

Nice! I love it when great minds get together.

wburg said...

There are many things to like about Good, starting with the name. It definitely breaks the mold of endless "Harbor Point Crown Terrazzo Estates" type project names, and tells you right off that this is something different, if looking at it doesn't give enough signal. The name's simplicity is reflected in the project.

Joe said...

I've passed the construction site before and feared it was a great idea that had fallen silent as a result of the bad real estate market. I love the project. We need more of these in the Sacramento urban core.