Friday, August 08, 2008

Crystal Cream Project Pushes Forward

The old Crystal Cream & Butter Co. site on D Street will soon submit plans to build 217 homes without subsidies. The closely packed proposed single-family homes are shooting to build them at a price of $125 per square foot. The developer (MetroNova Development LLC) believes that this can be done with innovative design. The project will also include 90,000sf of office space designed to be sold on the “D” Street side.

The Alkali and Mansion Flats Historic Neighborhood Association has approved the design with demolition work already started at the site. The projects expected to go to the city planning commission in September and then on to the design commission shortly after that. The Creamery site still needs to be rezoned from industrial to a mix of housing and commercial. If the City Council approves the project, construction could start by spring.


LivingInUrbanSac said...

217 units on 8.2 aces comes to 26 DUH...not bad for SFHs.

More density would have been nice, but at least it gets rid of a lifeless building and replaces it with housing close to the CBD. Glad to hear they are including at least a little bit of retail as well.

Plus it sounds like they might be affordable for a larger market of people that work downtown, including state workers that make up a largest portion of the work force.

Zwahlen Images said...

Your right, it doe's get rid of the lifeless building that's there now.

This version is quite bland from what was originally proposed. Those first renderings kicked butt... but that's how it goes when projects become affordable and the economy hits the skids.