Wednesday, August 13, 2008

14th and R Update

I've had a chance to tour the building three times now as it has progressed, I personally love it. (See pictures below)

I'm sure I can't appreciate or criticize small details of a reuse project like this, but a great project for R if Capitol Lofts would get going.

As a resident in that area, I'm just as stoked to have a new small specialty type market. I love cooking so I think this place will fit the bill for me perfectly.

I have some high hopes for the remaining retail spaces as well. I think we are in for some cool stuff.


Bob Shallit: Old bakery project in Sacramento anything but Wonder bread, developer says
By Bob Shallit -
Published 12:00 am PDT Tuesday, August 12, 2008

There's a lot to like about the condo-retail complex rising inside a former Wonder Bread bakery warehouse in downtown Sacramento.

But Bay Miry, of the project's D&S Development team, is proudest of an unlikely element: the loft staircases.

Some are spiral, some cantilevered, some made of wood, others of concrete.

No two are alike. Same goes for the "true loft" housing units, which are under construction and range from 550 to 900 square feet. They're on the market for $215,000 to $390,000.

"One thing we've learned in this market," says Miry, while touring the 95-year-old brick complex at 14th and R streets, "is you can't do cookie-cutter."

Sales have been impressive, considering the slow pace elsewhere. Even though the condos won't be finished until next spring, Miry says deposits are in for seven of the 12 units, which will have brick walls, polished concrete floors, exposed beams and ceilings that rise as high as 22 feet.

The first-floor retail space also is getting interest, the 27-year-old Miry reports. One lease has been signed for a specialty grocery, he says. And deals with two eateries are pending.

What accounts for the relatively quick sales of the condo units? Primarily it's their R Street location in a hot neighborhood adjacent to light rail, says D&S principal David Miry, who is Bay's dad.

The area, he says, "is the city's future for mixed use (projects) and entertainment."


Central City said...

coming along very nicely .

If only the same thing can happen with the buzz boxes across the street.

Zwahlen Images said...

It's good to hear that sales have been impressive. I hope this is the beginning of R Streets come back.

Adam B said...

Thank you D&S for transforming a great old building into something fun and unique. Hopefully your work will inspire others to do the same.