Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Powerhouse Science Center at Jibboom Street

Also know as Sacramento Museum of History, Science and Technology which is planned for the Jibboom Street power station.



Looks like this is still plugging away. The city is entering into another ERN with the teams running the show. Looks like an all local team which I imagine many of them are doing pro bono.

Jibboom Street Powerhouse Station Site (Click for staff report)

Team: Carson Development, John F Otto Inc, Dreyfuss and Blackford, Lionakis Beaumont Design Group, Buehler & Buehler. Fundraising is being run by Bentz & Associates who seem to have a lot of experience in this type of thing.

The latest time table seems really aggressive. Hopefully they have some commitements all lined up to meet this time line:


This sounds like something I sure would love to take my kid to, so I wish them all the luck in the world, and I'm sure I'll toss a few bucks their way since I'm positive they will need what ever they can get.

To sign up for more info down the road:


Central City said...

Man have i been waiting for this , i ride by on the trail every day and stare at that very underutilized riverfront property

Beth C said...

In anticipation of the Powerhouse project, the two exisiting museums have split. The Discovery Museum History Center has joined the Old Sacramento Foundation, and is now known as the Sacramento History Museum.

The Discovery Science & Space Center (and Challenger Learning Center), located on Auburn Boulevard, is retaining the Discovery Museum name until the move to the Powerhouse.