Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sacramento Courthouse Renderings

A couple of conceptual drawings have been shared by Councilman Steve Hansen for the proposed Sacramento courthouse. The story is still the same in that there is no money to build the courthouse, but Mayor Steinberg is now looking for a public-private partnership to help pay for the buildings construction.

New drawings show a 17-story, glass-walled Sacramento courthouse
It was just three years ago this proposal was reduced in both size and budget by the California Courts Judicial Branch to a $300 million and 12 stories. Today the city is proposing an even larger building than the original design and a larger budget to build the proposed courthouse. I don’t understand the logic in proposing a structure that costs more than the cost-cutting proposal of 2012 that the State could not pay for, but now the city is somehow going cobble together just under $500 million by selling public land owned by the city and public donations?

New drawings show a 17-story, glass-walled Sacramento courthouse

The current courthouse proposal looks to be about the same height as the Federal Courthouse one block over on I Street at 350’ tall. The rendering do not show the south side of the proposal, I suspect it’s even less interesting.