Saturday, August 18, 2007

Radiant City - Friday, August 24th - 7:00pm - FREE!


There's something strange happening when a developer screens an anti-sprawl documentary, hosts the film in its workspace, invites the public, and shows it for free.

It's called Change. And we think it's about time.

We got wind of Radiant City back in February and have been working with the good people at Shiny Object to present the only screening of this film here in Sacramento. Originally, the location was going to be at Fool's Foundation which would have been cool, but a few weeks ago the folks at Fool's learned that they can't continue to do the music shows and films (for now), so we've relocated the screening to our refurbished warehouse workspace.

Since LJUrban never had an open house after moving to our new space, we can't think of a better way to open our doors.

Makes it less about us and more about the larger community.

Radiant City takes a sardonic prod at Sprawl – the uber-antithesis of Eco-Urban.

Prepare to be challenged, maddened, invigorated, humored, astounded, sobered, etc.

Trailers and Clips

In our minds, this documentary couldn't be a better means of stirring up some discussion about the impact of conventional development on humanity.

Towards that end, we've invited architect, Renner Johnston, and ECOS Director, Graham Brownstein to join us onstage after the film and help us all dig into the connections between the film and our own city.

It'll be a bit of a squeeze getting 100 people into our Lounge but we think there's a correlation between density and community life. Heh, heh, heh.

Come join us!

Date: Friday, August 24th
Time: 7pm (first come, first seated).
Location: Corner of 20th and H (side entrance on 20th Street)
Cost: Free!

The Lounge at our Workspace

Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS)

Mogavero Notestine and Associates

Shiny Object (Movies on a Big Screen)

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