Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Crocker Expansion Goes Vertical

· Construction crews began to install more than 1,400 tons of steel to form the frame of the New Crocker on Oct. 17th.
· 175 truckloads of steel will arrive at the Crocker
· The size and weight of the heavy duty steel beams are unique for this project due to the load capacity of the building
· Structure will be built from bottom to top and south to north
· Ninety percent of the $100 million campaign goal has been raised, as of October 16, 2008

· Since breaking ground in July 2006, the majority of construction has occurred below ground
· The steel superstructure will be a visual sign of the historic change occurring at the Crocker
· With a $100 million campaign goal and 125,000-sq-ft expansion, this is the largest cultural initiative in Sacramento 's history
· A world-class museum will boost the cultural development of the city

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