Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sacramento Finally Makes Zagat Survey

I don't understand how the Tower Café made the list?

Sacramento Finally Makes Zagat Survey
Sacramento’s dining scene finally received recognition from Zagat, who intheir 2009 America’s Top Restaurant’s Survey included the metro for the first time.

Among the Top 20 Restaurants listed by Zagat:
Biba Restaurant
Bidwell Street Bistro
Boulevard Bistro
Firehouse Restaurant
Frank Fat’s
The Kitchen
La Bonne Soupe Café
Lemon Grass Restaurant
Osteria Fasulo
Tower Café
Tuli Bistro
The Waterboy


late nite said...

Tower is a bit of a surprise.

You listed 19 out of the top 20. Which one did you not feel it was worth typing the name of? I'm not sure I want to register for Zigat just to find out.

Zwahlen Images said...

Why do you assume I choose not to list one of the restaurants? I got the list from Colliers International Feb/March Retail Report where they also only listed 19 but said their were 20… I did not count them.

LivingInUrbanSac said...

Yeah, I agree. Tower is a strange choice. Outside of the really good french toast, everything is eh. I can think of a ton of other places off the head that I would rank high.

Maybe they gave points for the cool decor and outdoor area...

late nite said...

Sorry, I always forget that jokes don't translate to text well. No worries about only listing 19. It's cool that Sacramento is now on the site.

bewareofthescam said...

I found the list on Sac Bee -- Boulevard Bistro in Elk Grove is the missing one from this list!!

Zwahlen Images said...

Thanks beware, I'll add it to the list.