Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The River District Overview

With 773 Gross Acres 675 Land Acres, the River District has a lot of room to develop it own identity becoming a mixed-use urban environment featuring residential, office and commercial services. Currently both Township 9 and the California Lottery Headquarters are breaking ground in an effort to revitalize the area. These major projects and others will serve as catalysts bring development, jobs, public transit and cultural amenities to District and paving the way from a primarily light-industrial commercial district to a distinctive, mixed-use neighborhood that will connect Sacramento to its rivers.

Process & Timeline
April – August 2009
Community Outreach
Chapter Writing for Specific Plan
Policy Development
Special Planning District Update
Historic Resources Survey

September 2009 - Infrastructure Finance Plan – Public Review
October 2009 - Public Draft EIR
January - 2010 Final EIR
Jan-Feb 2010 Public Hearings

Vision & Guiding Principles
- Maximize Connectivity –North/South and East/West.
- Create a Sense of Place.
- Encourage Sustainable Development.
- Build Infrastructure that Provides a Balanced Approach to Regional Traffic Issues.
- Stimulate Economic Growth.
- Provide a Variety of Urban Living Options.
- Support regional strategies that seek to improve social conditions
- Encourage Mixed-Use Development.
- Provide Enhanced Community Facilities and Amenities.
- Engage the Rivers and Foster Open Space Opportunities.
- Create a Walkable District.

Circled is Township 9 - 52 acre development approved August 2007

Goals for the River District Specific Plan
- Specific Plan will include the following:
- Land Use Plan and Zoning with Heights
- Circulation Plan
- Infrastructure / Public Facilities
- Financing Plan
- Nexus Study (Downtown/Railyards/River District Costs)
- Program Level Environmental Impact Report Design Guidelines (Central City Urban Design Guidelines)

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