Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Sacramento Central Utility Plant

The new Central Power Plant between Q, P, 6th and 7th streets.  The old plant was shut down by the EPA for discharging hot water into the river.  The new plant utilizes a huge water cooling tower.  Instead of trying to hide it- which is impossible- the design embellishes it with colored panels and a space frame.  The treatment at the top is supposed to represent a splash, just like a high speed photo of a milk drop splash. The remainder of the building is intended to look like an office building, but it is simply a big mechanical plant inside with pipes and ducts, etc.

The new $181 million Sacramento Central Plant will replace an aging 40-year-old facility, efficiently heating and cooling 5.5 million square feet of office space in the Capitol and 23 other state buildings in downtown Sacramento. Although called a renovation, this project consisted of constructing a new plant outside the footprint of the existing plant and once complete the old plant was demolished to make way for TANK and site amenities. The new structure is about 80,000-SF. More info here.

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