Friday, November 05, 2010

K Street Developer Proposes Music Venue

D&S Development is proposing a 500 people music venue on the700 block and former site of the Men’s Wearhouse. This would be part of a mixed-use projects on the corridor long considered ground zero for the rebirth of downtown Sacramento.

According to the Sacramento Business Journal, “The multi-tiered concert space will sit on the corner of K and 7th streets, alongside local retailers and restaurants with a “Main Street” feel of second-story apartments inside K Street’s historic shops. That’s according to D&S Development, one of the partners negotiating with the city to remake the 700 block and enhance nightlife along the corridor.

The urban renewal can’t come soon enough for Sacramento, which will have invested more than $60 million in remaking two blocks of K Street if projects proposed there are built. While the city is looking to complete these deals, it also is examining the post-recession course for infill and redevelopment.

There has been $617 million invested in downtown over the past five years in 22 projects and all but five were to have been public-private partnerships. The K street projects on the 700 and 800 blocks also will be public-private partnerships that rely on subsidies.

After touring the buildings on the 700 block, D&S Development dropped the number of proposed apartments there from 136 to 125 and increased the retail space to about 60,000 square feet."


Anonymous said...

Very promising venue!

Like the proposed, as a 500-capacity venue, this will have a better chance to being booked more often, which results higher frequency & quantity of people downtown after 6 pm. Also like how the units will be affordable for people making 40-50K...currently, there isn't much (or any) housing available downtown for that bracket.

Wish this could break ground NOW as opposed to a year from now, but that's Sacramento for ya.

Looking forward to (possibly) a better proposal by David Taylor. But I'm disappointed that he's delaying the groundbreaking. Maybe with this delay he can come up with a more inspired vision for the 800 block, hopefully one that incorporates more housing and a much needed express Grocery store (think UK's Tesco Express).

Additionally, I'm concerned about the Taylor proposal's level of low-income housing (that is, if I'm reading his proposal correctly). Isn't that area of downtown already overly saturated with low income housing via the Hotel Marshall, Berry, et al? I believe that downtown, as a whole, already bests the 15% why must we build more?

wburg said...

The buildings haven't actually been designed yet, just rough sketches, so they have to actually have plans ready for the buildings before they build them--I understand that is necessary even in cities other than Sacramento.

Housing for people making $40,000 a year is low-income housing.

Anonymous said...

why is everyone salivating over a grocery store? I havent quite yet understood that, but maybe when i see a raleys there, ill understand.