Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Will IBM Help Sacramento?

I think this might be helpful and the City should look into this.

Deficits and cramped budgets are plaguing local governments around the country this year. Almost half a million dollars worth of technology and consulting services would be a more than welcome gift for most cities – and this is exactly what IBM is offering with its new Smarter Cities Challenge.

The pro bono program will grant 50 North American cities up to $400,000 in technology and consulting resources to help find solutions for local issues. IBM is now encouraging Sacramento to apply for the grant by December 31.

The grant could be used to make Sacramento greener and more sustainable, or to improve citizen engagement with our city. It could help build out our infrastructure in ways that are both creative and effective, or it could just assist with Mayor Johnson’s plans to improve government and foster economic development.

To learn more about the program, you can visit the Smarter Cities website.

It’s an open question: how could $400,000 in technology-based services from IBM benefit Sacramento?

If you ran the city, what problem would you solve? Is there a project you would help?

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