Friday, January 21, 2011

Gateway on Fremont Park

A $15 million proposal by Sukna Global Holdings has been chosen by CADA to development the East End Gateway Site 4, which is located across from Fremont Park. Named Gateway on Fremont Park, the proposed 30 for-sale luxury condominiums include 5th floor penthouse units that include panoramic views of Fremont Park. The Gateway Development Project includes street level retail space and 30 covered parking spaces.

The five-story, mixed-use developments would also include a farm on the roof that could grow crops and breed fish to possibly be served in the ground-floor restaurant. Condo price would start at $370,000.The proposals scheduled to submit a preliminary financing plan by June 27, 2011, a design program by September 27, 2011 and evidence of financing by October 27, 2011.

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donald said...

Why would anyone want a panoramic view of Fremont Park?