Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Track Relocation & Depot Retrofit

Today the City Council will approve additional funding for several sub-projects that are part of the Sacramento Intermodal Transportation Facility (SITF or Intermodal) family of projects. These projects include Track Relocation (Intermodal Phase 1), Improvements to the Sacramento Valley Station (Intermodal Phase 2), and the Depot Retrofit Project. These additional funds will be for design and construction to the historic Depot and Intermodal site that provide upgrades and new development to enhance this area as a transportation center and retail, commercial, cultural and civic destination.

Track Relocation (Intermodal Phase 1) - is the top priority transportation project in the region. In 2010, bids came in above available funds. Since then the project has been redesigned and reissued for bid. In March 2011, the City will award the construction contract in order to maintain funding.

Intermodal Phase 2 - After Track Relocation, improvements to the existing station are planned to enable the station to function better. Phase 2 will incorporate components such as a transitway and circulation, site and parking improvements, passenger amenities and refurbishing of the Depot to foster greater use of the building. Built in the 1920’s, the existing Depot station requires seismic strengthening and structural upgrades to meet current building standards. This project will provide these structural improvements and will also provide accessibility and fire-life safety improvements. This project is currently in design and is planned to be under construction in spring 2011.

Track Relocation (Phase 1 estimated cost $56,169,000), improvements to the existing Sacramento Valley Station, which includes the current Southern Pacific Railroad Depot (Phase 2 estimated cost $21.9 million), and eventual transformation of the Station into a multimodal transportation center (future Phase 3 estimated cost $261.9 million).

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