Thursday, April 07, 2011

Downtown On-Street Bikeway Project

Phase One
Despite the substantial number of bicyclists in the Downtown area, there is a lack of planned bikeways for this area of the City.

City staff is initiating this project to determine appropriate locations for additional bicycle access in the downtown area and to implement those improvements. Phase 1 will be comprised of bikeways that can be added to the existing street system without removal of any vehicle or parking lanes. Phase 2 will include conversion of one-way streets from three to two one-way lanes with both left and right side bike lanes. This phase also requires an environmental assessment of the reduction in travel lanes. The project purpose is to make downtown streets more complete by restriping the streets to add new on-street bikeways.

Phase Two

The Central City Two Way Conversion Project has an unobligated balance of $631,419. Approval of the transfer of local transportation funds (Fund 2001) in the amount of $629,000 from the Central City Two Way Conversion Project (T15008000) will be sufficient to plan, design and implement bicycle enhancements for Phases 1 and 2 in the downtown area.

City staff has recommend that the City Council approve the project and will be discussed this Tuesday the 12th.


Patrick J. said...

J Street is the last 3 lane street in Midtown. According to this plan it's going to be converted to two lanes until 13th, and then back to 3 lanes? That would be crazy.

GaryNinSac said...

It's about time to get bike off the sidewalks! If we could get bicyclists to ride on the street and not on the sidewalks on Tower Bridge that would be a bonus!

velorutionist said...

The proposal is to keep J Street 3 lanes, phase I only adds bike lanes without reducing travel lanes.

Zoso said...

The sidewalks on tower bridge are listed as bike routes.