Monday, May 23, 2011

Farmers Markets Spring Up Downtown

Local farmers are prepared for another season of weekly, downtown certified farmers’ markets. The markets began on May 3 and run through October 26. The 6 weekday farmers’ markets are open from 10:00 am – 1:30 pm. There will be two new locations added to the weekly circuit, including East End Capitol Park at 15th and L streets on Thursdays and St. Rose of Lima Park at 7th and K streets on Fridays. Both of the new markets will start on June 2 and continue through September 30.

California certified farmers’ markets provide farmers with a venue to sell their crops directly to the public. Markets eliminate packing, shipping, and wholesale costs and save money for both the farmer and consumer.

Weekday Downtown Certified Farmers’ Markets include:

Roosevelt Park, 9th and P streets
May 3 through September 27
Fremont Park, 16th and P streets
May 3 through September 27

Chavez Plaza, 10th and J Streets
May 4 through October 26

Capitol Mall, 6th and Capitol Mall
May 5 through September 29
East End / Capitol Park, 15th and L streets
June 2 through September 29

St. Rose of Lima Park, 7th and K streets
June 3 through September 30


Anonymous said...

The markets are great, but it seems downtown and midtown are missing out by not having a weekday evening market like the successful Davis market or the new West Sac market.

Really, 6 weekday midday markets and no weekday evening markets is odd.

wburg said...

I agree--but the main reason why the central city markets are all during the daytime is because the population of the central city drops by two-thirds or more at 5:00 PM! Until that population balance is addressed, evening retail (including farmer's markets) will be at something of a disadvantage.

SactoPulse said...

What about the Oak Park Farmer's Market every Saturday at McClatchy Park from 9:00am-1:00pm?! The music here is really great and the park is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait until it gets warm and I can start sampling the home-made, local ice cream guy.