Monday, August 15, 2011

Northwest Land Park Project

This Tuesday the Sacramento City Councils going to consider approval of entitlements for the Northwest Land Park project as recommend by city staff.


The applicant (Northwest Land Park, LLC and The CHY Company, CHY II, and cousins Market) are requesting entitlements to develop 31.7 gross acres in four phases. The request for a Development Agreement and a Bikeway Master Plan covers the entire property. Phase 1 only, which consists of a 201 unit condominium development on 8.1 gross acres. Phases 2, 3 and 4 will be developed in a future time; the development of each subsequent phase will require additional entitlements. The project would include an approximately 4.5 acres public park within the central portion of the project site.

It is assumed to include a range of housing types and densities, with an average density that falls within the identified range of 33 to 110 units per acre. Within the Mixed-Use Urban Corridor Low area, the proposed project would include a mix of residential buildings and mixed-use buildings with approximately 15,000 square feet of commercial space on the lower floors with residential uses above.

The signature elements of the project are:
1. Festival Street. Located adjacent to 5th Street in Phase 2 of the development, the street connects to 4th Street when opened and functions as an open outdoor plaza when periodically closed to vehicular traffic.

2. Open Air Market. A farmer’s market is planned for the reuse of existing structures between the park and 5th Street, along Festival Street. The market will provide the sale of local goods and produce.

3. Adaptive Reuse Building. A portion of the existing wholesale produce building to be adaptively reused to serve as a community-oriented facility to complement the neighborhood park. The facility is envisioned to support community gatherings, continued education, public health and safety and other indoor community events.

Optional Elements are:
1. Metal Burner Structure. A cylindrical structure located near the railroad undercrossing may be preserved and modified as a distinctive community icon.

2. Rail Tunnel. There is a tunnel under Interstate 5 adjacent to the western boundary of the project currently provides rail access into the Setzer site. With its potential abandonment in a later phase, a pedestrian and bicycle connection may be created between the Northwest Land Park neighborhood and Miller Park, located along the Sacramento River. The proposed use of the tunnel requires coordination and approval from State and local agencies.

City Staff has recommended entitlements for the project.

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