Saturday, December 03, 2011

Elks Tower Modification

Owners of the Elks Tower are asking the Preservation Commission to approve an exterior modification of the building by removing a 95 square foot enclosure at the 13th floor roof deck and construct a new 480 square foot enclosure.  

The plan involves the remove of an existing, non-original 95 square foot stair enclosure on the 13th floor roof deck that was installed in the 1970s, and construct a new 480 square foot enclosure. The enclosure will provide ADA access to the 14th Floor and slightly expand the footprint of both the 13th and 14th floors off the rear/east elevation of the structure. Though window glazing would be removed to connect the expanded floor space, the original window openings and original exterior materials would remain in place. Original exterior iron work at the window openings would be retained and used in the new space. The new work will be placed inside the north and south exterior walls and inset within the 12th floor roof deck on the east/rear side of the structure.

The Elks Tower was constructed in 1926 and became a designated City Landmark on June 15, 1982. City staff has recommended that the commission approve this request.

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