Friday, March 23, 2012

Sustainable Regional Growth Plans

In November, the Sacramento Area Council of Governments released its long awaited draft Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) -- a plan for guiding regional growth intended to reduce the region's greenhouse gas emissions while accommodating nearly 900,000 more residents by 2035. SACOG's SCS is one of four such plans being drafted by the state's largest metro regions in order to company with Senate Bill 375, the 2008 law that seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the promotion of more compact development and alternative transportation methods. While SCS's in other regions have drawn criticism, the California Planning & Development Report reports that SACOG's SCS has been widely praised for preserving farmland and encouraging greater density in urban centers. The SCS is expected to be adopted by SACOG's board in April.

Please read more about SCS Blueprint Plan here: Sacramento Region SCS Builds on Tradition of Blueprint Planning  & SB 375 Is Now Law -- But What Will It Do?

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RyanS said...

Thanks for the post. I wish I could read that first article without a log in, but it's good to see that SACOG's plan is getting positive press.