Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cost Reductions Urged for New Sacramento County Courthouse

The Judicial Council working group overseeing the judicial branch’s facilities program is recommending that 13 planned courthouse projects be reassessed with the goal of significantly lowering their costs. Options to be considered in these projects may include significantly reducing square footage, undertaking renovations instead of new construction, evaluating lease options, and using lower-cost construction methods where feasible.

The Sacramento Courthouse is recommended to "Reduce Costs Now" by the Judicial Council. The current proposal includes: 44 courtroom, 405,500 sf., and an estimated total cost: $437,516,000. Expected completion: 1Q 2015

The committee will also recommend to the Judicial Council that the remaining 25 active projects funded under Senate Bill 1407 continue as planned, but undergo other cost reductions as they proceed. See the list of recommendations here.
The working group’s recommendations are expected to be considered by the Judicial Council at its April 24, 2012, meeting. The council can accept, modify, or reject the recommendations, which will be posted on the California Courts website.


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