Wednesday, June 27, 2012

L Street Lofts Now Renting

L Street Lofts - 1818 L Street, Sacramento CA 95811

The L Street Lofts just became more affordable to those desiring to live at this midtown location. If you want to rent, they range from $1,825 for one bedroom to $3,150 for a one bedroom Penthouse. If you would rather buy a condo, Zillow show the sale of a 663 sf. unit on the 6th floor for $210,000 last April… making the estimated monthly mortgage payment $758. Buying a unit seems to be the better way to go, but don’t forget the HOA fees, I believe that’s an additional $250 per month.

L Street Lofts


Anonymous said...

The HOA fees are actually more around $400 a month. I worked in the building.

Anonymous said...

The HOA fees are more around $400 per a month. I worked in this building.