Friday, October 03, 2014

Future Sacramento County Courthouse

After nearly a two year pause, the Sacramento courthouse proposal planned for the railyards at the corner of where H Street meets Sixths Street appears to be moving forward again. This week, the State of California bought 2.4 acres for $10 million. According to the Sacramento Business Journal, Court officials have estimated the cost to design and built a courthouse at $452 million, plans call for a 12-story building of 405,000 square feet, with 250 parking spaces and a basement.

The courthouse won’t get built for some time, but the judicial council gave authority this summer to begin working on legislation to appropriate money for courthouse design, but such legislation still needs to be approved by both the council and the state Legislature. In addition, the State has selected two firms to team up on building design, Nacht & Lewis and HOK. 

Property where Sacramento will build a $452 million courthouse.

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