Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Boutique Hotel Planned By Paragary

Paragary's proposed hotel at 28th and Capitol Ave.

Randy Paragary is planning to build a six-story hotel at current site of Cafe Bernardo at 28th & Capitol Ave. with an opening date in early 2018. According to the Sacramento Bee, this will be midtown's first upscale hotel. Before the $20 million 107-room hotel project  can proceed, demolition of two structures, the Capitol Physical Therapy office and the 90 year old Cafe Bernardo building will have to be approved. The application is expected to be submitted to the city today.
Paragary's proposed hotel at 28th and Capitol Ave.

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Paragary's proposed hotel at 28th and Capitol Ave.

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Anonymous said...

Will be really nice to have a boutique hotel in midtown, of which I'd much rather my out-of-town Sac naysayer friends stay vs. downtown at this juncture. Midtown has a great vibe and underrated businesses that lots of outsiders aren't aware of, even those staying in downtown hotels.

Until adds about 2000 more full-time residents and actually has nightlife outside of Kings games and concert nights, I'd recommend that folks stay here in order to see a great side of Sacramento (even though it's a few blocks away from all the action).

Hopefully it gets built.