Monday, August 08, 2016

Centrage Project Time Machine

Centrage Project proposed in 1988

What is now becoming McKinley Village was once the proposed site for the Centrage Project, an alternative to suburban sprawl. Back in 1988 this $500 million, European-style self-contained community outraged neighboring east Sacramento residence and the Sacramento Old City Association. Centrage was a high density, transit oriented development that was to be built out over 10 years. At full build out the project would consist of 750,000 square feet of office space, 230,000 sf of retail, 1200 residential units, 250 room hotel, amphitheater, movie theater, 4.5 acre lake, greenbelts, bicycle paths, tennis courts, swimming pools, other outdoor recreation areas, and parking for around 6000 cars. Originally 8 highrises were proposed ranging from 26 to 10 stories. In an effort to satisfy anti-Centrage folk, towers were reduced in size but the opposition were not happy demanding that 50% of the 48 acres be turned into parks and open area. Centrage was one of the most controversial developments in recent Sacramento history, but after nearly a 5 year of heated debate and several reductions in size to win over local residences and City Council, the project was abandon. Below are a couple renderings showing what might have been.

Original rendering of Centrage Project proposed in 1988

Revised plans removed one of the eight planned towers for the project and reduced the size of some of the remaining seven, 26 to 19  story building (one), 16 story buildings (two), 18 to 12 story building (one), 11 to 8 story building (one), 10 story building (one), eliminated one 10 story building, 8 story building (one), 2-6 story building (12)
Centrage Project site plan proposed in 1988

Centrage Project building height comparison 1988

Centrage Project rendering showing originally proposed height of 26 story tower
later reduced to 19 stories looking west from the Capitol Freeway

Centrage Project map overview

Today the 48 acre parcel located between E Street and the Capitiol City Freeway resembles a sprawling suburban neighborhood that's not unique or interesting in any way.

McKinley Village currently under construction 

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