Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Out Of Money For Courthouse Construction

Last Thursday two dozen courthouse construction projects in 26 counties across California were delayed indefinitely, including Sacramento’s because of budget shortfalls. As reported by The SacBee, the 2008 bond SB1407, which was signed into law to fund $5 billion to rebuild courthouses has fallen short of reaching that goal by $1.4 billion by a combination of declining revenue from court fines and fees. In addition, in 2012 the Governor diverted funds from the courthouse bond to backfill the state’s budget and those funds have never been returned.

Sacramento’s proposed courthouse has always received the shaft throughout this whole process. After being down sized in budget and overall project size two times, now it’s unlikely Sacramento will ever see a new courthouse EVER. Really, unless fines and fees pickup and the state returns those diverted funds Sacramento will never see a new courthouse built under this current fines and fees program.

Thank you Governor Jerry Brown, the city does not need another abandon project but now we can add this one to the pile.

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Mark Sharp said...

Gov. Jerry Brown is a dirt bag. He will never be called out for this by the press, it will all be forgotten and he will be remembered as the ideal governor.