Thursday, February 02, 2006

Speaking of K Street Developments. Live Theater on 10th and K?

Staff report is out for the 10th and K live theater analysis. It goes before the city council on Feb 7th.

It's a big file. But a very good report from LMN Architects

Page: 26
"Sacramento's live theater scene is somewhat underdeveloped compared to comparable markets"

Duh!!!! All kidding aside, it's a good read.

Four options were explored:
Option 1: 400 Seat Theater
Option 2: 400 Seat Theater, with 100 Seat Studio Theater
Option 3: 200 Seat Studio Theater
Option 4: 1000 Seat Theater

Page 35 has some very good looks at what the layouts could be.

It's hard to tell what the city is recommending, but I think options 1 or 2 are the best options.

Option 4 is too big in a couple ways.
1) The reports says there is not enough demand from the users for a new space that big. The Music Circus, Community Theater, Memorial, and even The Crest must be enough large spaces for now.
2) If a theater that large is developed, it leaves very little room for anything else. No housing, and very little retail on a very important corner.

Option 3 is just too small.
Come on now, let's try and think a little bigger than a small 200 seat studio theater. If there is a demand for one that size, choose Option 2 so we get both.

I'm torn on options 1 and 2 though. Choosing Option 1 would leave a larger footprint for housing and retail development. Option 2 would give Downtown 2 new theaters, but a smaller retail/housing footprint and a larger operating deficit each year.

Next Tuesday should be an interesting meeting. Whatever happens, I would like to see a venue somewhere on K Street.

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