Friday, August 11, 2006

Live Theatre at 10th and K Coming True?

Looks like we may actually get that live theatre venue t 10th and K after all.

City Council Staff Report

Next Tuesday, the city council with enter a ERN with K Street Central for converting the Woolworth building at the corner of 10th and K into a 200+ seat live theater space, with restaurant and second level lounge and patio space.

This is an excellent project. Like I have stated before, the east end of K Street (10th - 13th) could easily be our "Theater District" with the community center (God, that place need a face lift) Crest, Imax, Music Circus, and Memorial all within a few blocks. Another venue will further develop that idea of a "Theater District". Mix in a series of restaurants and nightclubs for all ages and the synergy will be amazing.

The deal is going to cost some redevelopment money, but culture and arts projects like this don't happen without public help.

The time line seems pretty aggressive as well, it says it may be open by early 2008. So let's hope it's done by mid 2008.

The other portion of the 10th and K project sounds like is going to be a 14-story condo project by the CIM Group. The same developers as the 800 J Lofts project that just completed. That project is coming further down the road though.


Carl said...

Live theater is EXACTLY what I'd like to see in that space. I've actually called it a potential "theater district" myself.

LivingInUrbanSac said...

Yup, I agree. Live theater is perfect for that corner.

To think of what K Street is like right now and what is might be like in 2 or 3 years once the 700 block, 800 block and 10th and K are hopefully done

Anonymous said...

FYI. The area you discribed from the Music Circus to the K Street/L Street Area already is a district. Although not fully realized yet, the City long ago adopted a arts, theater, and entertainment district plan for that area.

Hope this all works. We still need people to live in downtown. Until the number of housing units and hotel rooms reach a critical mass, downtown will always feel deserted and unsafe at night.

LivingInUrbanSac said...

Well, I know it's been long targeted for arts, theater, and entertainment, but like most adopted items in Sacramento, things have been slow to materialize up until the last couple of years.

I will always agree that housing is the #1 key, and hotel rooms in a slightly lesser degree, but I still think we need more "things" downtown to attract that critical mass of people.

While the restaurant boom has brought many people into DT/MT that would have never come before, and attracted many people to move down here as well, I think there is only so much they can do by themselves.

We need more diversity in the arts, theater, nightlife, entertainment, and retail offerings for the critcal mass of people to justify paying top dollar for housing. A new theater on K Street is a great start.

All these items come together to create a bustling urban core for many people to enjoy. No single one will do it.

The good news is by my count, there are about 1600 units under construction in MT/DT, AND 635ish hotel rooms. Another 3K in proposed/planning (not including the Railyards), so it looks like we have a great start in that area finally.