Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fins Market Coming to Downtown

This is very welcome news to the downtown and midtown food scene.

Fins Market & Grill is opening a location at 19th and S, across the street from the Safeway. Currently the site is under construction by Petrovich, but the Fins website says they will be open in Winter of this year.

I have never been to Fins, but people I know that have been there say it's outstanding.

We really don't have many (if any) seafood places in the central city, especially ones that has a fresh market as well. From looking at the menu, they are reasonably priced. Nothing over $20, with the exception of lobster

It'll be nice to be able to go somewhere and buy FRESH seafood that is just a few blocks from my house when needed, instead of the previously frozen, farm-raised crap that Safeway tends to sell most of the time.

You can't go wrong with fresh Mahi-Mahi, Ono, Wild King Salmon, Oysters, Prawns, Ahi Tuna (Sushi Grade), and Crab. And it's not a chain!!

Considering it'll open in the Winter, how good will a batch of hot seafood cioppino sound at that time?


TowerDistrict said...

I was just reading about that! I like the idea of having a restaurant / market. Especially one of this variety, that looks to strip some of the pretense away from eating good food. I'm all for fancy-pants restaurants, but glad to see one that can actually feed your kids too.

I'll end up being pretty evenly split between Taylor's and Fins distance-wise. But I'm a big seafood eater, so I can't wait for some actual competition and variety.

Also, while looking through the District 4 development applications, I saw one called Bacchus on 1915 S Street. It looks like it will be a wine bar / art gallery right next door to Fins.

LivingInUrbanSac said...

I think this place might wind up with the upper hand on selection given that they are strictly seafood.

and yes, something a little more casual is much appreciated.

I found a website for Bacchus

This one looks interesting. Looks like Chef Q is going to be a chef there as well. He is a pretty popular private chef in Sacramento. I always wondered when he would pop up and be part of something.

Seems wine bars are becoming the next sushi in downtown and popping up everywhere.

1) 58 Degrees - 18th and Capital
2) Grand Wines - 16th and L
3) L Wine Lounge -18th and L Project
4) Tiny's Wine Bar - 14th and R
5) Bacchus - 19th and S

You could go wine bar hopping if you wanted to

iozzi said...

Looks good. It'll be nice to have a good seafood restaurant downtown.

TowerDistrict said...

On a less than extatic note - I read in the Bee what will be going across the street, on the NW corner of 19th & S.

Score two for the chains with Petrovich bringing in a Daphne's Greek Cafe. I wish they got Opa Opa to Open another instead. The other will be a "Chipotle-like national chain". I can only think of Jack in the Crack's Qdoba, which i happen to liken to dog food with more oil.

Still there is a little hope for that corner, as there will be 1,000 sq. ft. left over for a possible third eatery. I'll be on the other corner waiting to see. :)

LivingInUrbanSac said...

When I first read new greek resturant I was pissed cause I thought someone stole my idea and was going to beat me to the punch.

When I saw Daphne's, I realized they really didn't. Any Greek resturant that doesn't have lamb, other than Gyros, on the menu isn't worth anything.

Talk about a disappointment for that corner. Daphne's and a fake mexican place.

Opa Opa is okay. I'd still love to open a real Greek Cafe or Bistro. Real Greek food like like my mom, aunt and uncles cook.

I have the perfect name picked out and the perfect location. The building is money.

My staple wold be home made gyro meat. Versus the frozen stuff most places buy from out of state, and the best grill lamb and spanakopita you have ever tasted. I still need to work on my skillz though

TowerDistrict said...

It's like a little taste of Roseville!

Looking forward to the day when you hone your skillz, and open your own eatery. Though I do find it a little difficult to find the non-meat section on a Greek menu. :)

Anonymous said...

man, if you open a Greek restaurant, I'll be there 3 times a week. Go for it. I'll even volunteer to taste your recipes.