Wednesday, October 04, 2006

500 Capitol Mall Ready to Breakground Soon?

500 Capitol Mall
25 story office tower
467,942 sf office
27,124 sf retail
Developer: Tskakopoulos Investments
Architect: Ed Kado
Estimated Completion: 2008

Looks like Capitol Mall will probably be adding it's 5 new highrise in the near future. 500 Capitol Mall looks like might breaking ground soon.

The current building which housed the old Wells Fargo offices is fenced off and demo of the building is expected soon.

(Thanks to Mike for the photo)

You might remember this project as the old Parthenon project that drew strong criticism from everyone. I'm glad to hear they are keeping the roof top restaurant concept though. From the plans I have seen, the ground floor retail will look similar to how the retail is set up on the Wells Fargo Center for Il Fornio and the Wells Fargo branch, up against the street, versus a huge setback like 300 Capitol Mall.

What is unique about this building is that it will be built on spec. Meaning no tenants have signed on. I guess it helps when you can bankroll the project yourself like Tsakopoulos can.

Final approvals from design review and planning commission are expected by the end of the year or shortly after.


Zwahlen Images said...

Yep, make it five cranes... I bet this one won't rise till about this time next year, but by early spring the site should be busy.

BTW, I beleive The Capitol Grand Towers is going to unveil another NEW design... I guess the second design did not please the committees and boards who will give it the final approval to be built.

Central City said...

that is good news , brings a little balance to Cap Mall , i noticed the fencing myself last week - looks like the skaters will have to find a new place to play .

Levi said...

I am so glad to see so many cranes in the horizon. Its good news really good news for the city!