Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bridging I-5

Three of the original concepts... I think these are the best to choose from so far.

New Concepts

These are two new concepts and I think they are awful. The park area is raised up and doe's not invite people into the area from Crocker Park at all. Put a parking lot on top of the freeway... one hell of a way to use newly create public space!!! That office area is about as boring as they come.

These renderings are concepts that were selected and modified from the original 12 concepts that were presented in 2004. The original plan was to deck the freeway from Capitol Mall to R Street, the plan was then reduced down to two block stretch because significant constraints emerged with the three block full-decking concepts.

The project would be funded by Federal TransportationAppropriations, Federal Highway Administration National Corridor Planning and Development Program totaling about $5 million. About $1 million comes from local funding, $300,000 From Caltrans community-planning grant. The full cost to build this project range from $50 million to $500 million depending on which design is selected by the City Council and city committees.

Future financing for design and construction is likely to come from a varity of public and private funding sources.

Anticipated Milestones

Fall 2006
Present Alternatives to Community (Project Study Report)

January 2007
Present to City Council

December 2007
Complete Project Study Report

Complete Project Report/Environmental Document

The current planning and environmental phase is anticipatedto be complete by 2011.


Anonymous said...

Im sure once the public (outside of the blogosphere)gets wind of the project they will hopefully see that it can be better and work to make it so .

As we all know there is a big difference between concept and completion with projects this size and importance .

TowerDistrict said...

until i saw those renderings, i thought anything would be an improvement. but i don't find the newer (cheaper) concepts to be even worth the effort. there's already a large park and a parking lot within a block of the deck, so i don't see any reason to build a park and a parking lot ontop of a deck???!!

LivingInUrbanSac said...

The first ones were much better. I like the Team Concept the most. I dig that round about.

"The current planning and environmental phase is anticipatedto be complete by 2011"

To quote a friend, Sounds like some "paralysis by analysis" to me. I'm sure the engineering for something like this very complicated, but that seems like a long time..