Friday, December 15, 2006

From the 25th Floor

These are photos I took from the 25th floor of the US Bank building looking west. From this vantage point were able to see where most of the major high-rise towers will be rising from. I did not include the Aura tower that would sit next to 621CM because nothing has happen on that site since summer of this year when test pile driving was occurring… but permits to begin foundation work were pulled recently. Lots going on… click on pictures to enlarge.

Looking west towards Capitol Mall.

Pile driving at the Towers site... two high-rises at 53 floors.

621 Capitol Mall - 25 floors.

500 Capitol Mall - 25 floors. Currently demolition is happening to the present structure.

Look across the river in West Sacramento.

Pile driving for the CalSTRS headquarters - 19 floors

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Anonymous said...

Cool shots! Thanx!