Sunday, December 10, 2006

The NEW Marriott

I think the new Marriott at 15th and L Streets will be a fine addition when completed. Keep in mind that it's a Marriott hotel and not a five star hotel. It's expected to be completed by April 2007.


Anonymous said...

It's a nice midrise transition building between midtown and downtown. Does anybody have any information about the condos available on the top three floors?

Size? price-ranges? a link would be much appreciated too.

dan said...

Mediocre architecture and urban design in Sacramento?

I rest my case!

LivingInUrbanSac said...

While the design is def very blah...those views of the park will kick ass.

I think they are going to hit a nice market of people with the extended-stay hotel in that area.

As for info on the units. I would probably drop an email to the developer, Tony Giannoni.

I sent him email to get on the list for my inlaws a while back.

My guess is they will run a little less than The Towers, and much less than Aura.

I don't think they are in any rush though. A SC investor has agreed to by all the units for a specific price and resell them.
Developer Tony Giannoni this week begins marketing the 30 condo units that will sit atop his 235-room Marriott Residence Inn project under construction at 15th and L streets. But he can do the job without losing any sleep.
He's found an investor who will buy -- and then resell -- any units that aren't sold by the time the 15-story building is completed in February.

It's sort of an insurance policy. The investor has agreed to pay a discounted price for each of the units occupying the building's top three floors, once they're done.

If any or all of the units are sold before then, the investor receives the difference between his discount price and the actual sales price.

Anonymous said...

Geez, Dan. Once again trying to harsh my mellow.

I think that you're missing the point a bit (as you did on the last topic too).

Not every building in the downtown area has to be a gem of architectural brilliance, particularly given the milieu of the day. I personally would argue that most modern architecture (even the cutting-edge stuff of Liebskind, et al) leaves something to be desired.

As livinginurbansac says, this is a Marriott (not a W). And it performs a purpose, architecturally and commercially.

Uninspired architecture is not endemic to Sacramento. You can find weak architecture even in San Francisco.

kit said...

Anyone have any idea what the hotel pricing will be like? I've been putting up my in-laws in the Clarion because they didn't want to foot the bill for the Sheraton or Hilton.

While the Clarion is dated, it's undergone some recent renovation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information about the condos, livinginurbansac.

The design aside, the location is much more desirable for me to buy (along with the L street lofts), than where the Towers and Aura are located.

-Erik (the first anonymous poster)

LivingInUrbanSac said...

No clue, Kit. I imagine they would be less then the Sheraton though.

On the condo front, I emailed Tony Giannoni and got an email back pretty quickly. He sent me prices and floor plans. The layouts of the units look pretty well planned.

The 13th is going for a base of $500 sf, 14th $510, 15th $550.

The corner units are a big premium over the rate above. The units that face the back of the building are cheaper than the above per sf prices.

LivingInUrbanSac said...

"The design aside, the location is much more desirable for me to buy"

Agreed. Location wise, I would much rather live here than in Aura or The Towers at this point in time.

Much more cool stuff going on in that part of downtown. It's closer to midtown, and has many more places to walk, eat, drink, shop and have fun that is already there and happening.

A couple years down the road when some of the projects on Capitol Mall are completed and K Street improves, I can think about it again

When they design Meridian II (15th and K) in back of the first one, I think they would have been wise to include a handful of housing units (maybe 20-30). Last time I heard though, they are going all office.