Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Blaze...

Most people know that last week Sacramento had a huge fire on one of the major railroad tracks that goes through the city. I was lucky enough to get to the right location to take a few shots as well as slip in some high-rise construction pix.

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wburg said...

Some of my railfan friends and I were kind of hoping that the California Zephyr would be re-routed along the Feather River canyon, its route when Western Pacific ran the CZ...if that had been the case, there would have been many, many extra round trip tickets to Winnemucca sold! But instead they are temporarily making the CZ's starting point Roseville--detouring through Binney Junction adds too many hours to the trip.

The cause of the fire is still a mystery...the pet theory is "homeless cooking fire/crack pipe gone out of control" but it doesn't meet the facts: there wasn't really a surrounding brush fire, it started on the tracks and for the most part stayed there, whereas a brush fire spreading to the track would have been obvious--and unlikely, given the damp weather.