Monday, March 19, 2007

Sky High on the 25th Floor

With lots of smoozing and leg work by me, I was given the opportunity to go up into Sacramento’s newest high-rise while it’s under construction, the U.S. Bank Tower. Once I got to the construction site, I put on a hard hat and walked to the material lift with the Project Superintendent for a ride up into the sky. After several stops allowing workers on and off the lift, we stepped off onto the 25th floor. When the lift operator opened up the gate to let us out I was awestruck by the sight. As I stood there on the sheet metal floor and looked around, I found myself grinning with the cool breeze blowing through and a view left that left me speechless. This view is truely incredible with no windows to get in the way. I was there when all the workers were on their lunch breaks, so I was able to walk around and check out much of the view from the top floor. I often found myself just gazing out and often forgot why I was there to begin with… to take photos. I took several shots, so enjoy the view from the 25th floor of the NEW U.S. Bank Tower.

Material lift

The 25th floor. Most of this space will be used as a grand
meeting and conference room... look at that view on
the left where huge windows will go. (faces have been
blurred as a request from the contractor)

Looking east

Don't mind that guy (me), check out the view from
the conference room looking south.

These support beams are built to hold the 68' Tower Feature
that will be attached to the top of the tower in April. It will
take two weeks to install the whole thing.

Looking east through the conference room.

The view west.

Looking north west.


6th street below.

View from the 17th floor. They have pored concrete for the
all the floors up to the 18th floor.

Glass and aluminum exterior. This should go up at the rate
of a floor a week soon.


LivingInUrbanSac said...

Very cool! Def an opportunity a non-worker would get very often. Well done. You should have done a little schmoozing to get me up there too! Haha...just kidding. I'm sure it was hard enough to get yourself up there without any extra baggage.

Those are awesome angles and views. I love that blue glass.

Central City said...

easily your best work yet

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning! Your pictures are a great reminder of why urban life is so sweet.

llsan said...

Awesome photos, thanks for the post!
They should keep the 25th floor open with no walls, just windows, as an observation deck.

LivingInUrbanSac said...

The 6th photo makes the Renaissance Tower look so close you could reach out and touch it

Carl said...

Excellent! That's definitely an amazing view. Congrats on getting to be one of the first people to experience it. Good job!

Zwahlen Images said...

Thanks everyone... I know I was very lucky to get up there to get these shots. I'm really looking forward to when the tower feature is lite up on top... should be quite a sight.