Friday, July 13, 2007

L Street Lofts Construction Tour

L Street Lofts
South Side of 18th and L
92 For-Sale Condo Units
6K Retail Space
Developer Sotiris Kolokotronis
Architect: Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects

Last week I got to go on a hard hat walking tour of the L Street Lofts and and see what will a fantastic building when compleate later this year.

The main entrance will have two resturants in this big open area.

Up on the third floor many of the lofts are starting to take shape. I loved these lower units on L Street... being able to walk out onto a padio and listen to the people and activity below was nice.

L Street view on third floor.

All the units have 10 foot ceiling and open living areas. All the units facing east and west on the third floor have big patios to enjoy.

Big patios!!!

Forth Floor

Forth floor view looking west.

Fourth Floor northwest corner.

Sixth floor... big and open without walls installed yet.

Sixth floor view looking west

Sixth floor view looking Northeast towards Faces.

Seventh floor. These are temporary support columns for the pour of concrete up on the eight floor.

Eight floor.

As you can see the view from the top will be gorgeous.

There it is poking out of the tree line. When finished, I think this will be a fine addition to midtown.


Central City said...

I want to live there

Anonymous said...

Great shots, LivingInUrbanSac. You got to see a preview of our future view from the sixth floor on the northeast corner. We can hardly wait to move into our new loft unit! Hopefully before the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

Looks great! How are sales?

SacUrbnPlnr said...

Sales are modest--a bit under 30 units of 92 as of last weekend (based on my count of the orange sales buttons on the floor plans in the sales office). However, because this is the first high density upscale urban ownership product out of the ground, perhaps it is to be expected that some potential buyers are waiting until the project is further along.

The second release is anticipated soon according to the L Street Lofts website.

real estate ph said...

Great place. Can't wait to see the next update.

Angelo H