Tuesday, October 09, 2007

L Street Lofts Hard Hat Tour

Last Saturday I got to go on a hardhat tour of The L Street Lofts. They aregetting it up and ready ASAP. I was told that in December people will beginto move in. Anyway, for those that are interested, the nice people at the Lofts are offering tours of the under construction building to anyone who's interested at 3pm everyday (I believe?)... just call to get signed up.

This room rocks. I love how the concrete column on the wall has the sametexture as the ceiling.

Progerss at 500 Capitol Mall


Michael Langley said...

Great photographs! You really have an eye and it shows all up and down this page. Love to see more.

Michael Langley

Zwahlen Images said...

Thank you Sir. I sent you a link to where more of my photos are posted.