Thursday, October 04, 2007

The View From West Sacramento

Last Saturday on Sept. 29th , I got up bright and early to take a few shots from the top of the CalSTRS tower. At 7am when I arrived at the job site it was still pretty dark outside, but when I got in the man-lift that took us to the 18th floor, I realized it was actually fantastic conditions with the sun just starting to rise over the Sierra Mountains. It was a cool 46 degrees out side, perfect conditions to take crisp shots of the Sacramento skyline and the tower.

The Tower will have sub-floors on every floor. In this picture you can see that the sub-floor will be about a foot above the concrete floor. This sub-floor is being put in so computer and electrical wires can be run through out the floor with out being restricted. It will give more flexibility to move equipment around when needed. I personally had never seen something like this before.


Tracy D. said...

Great shots! Are you going to market them as stock photos?


Zwahlen Images said...

Thanks Tracy. I had not thought of that... might try it with a few.