Saturday, November 17, 2007

More bars and restaurants on the way

Dream Lounge at 15th Street between and J and I, along with Whiskey Wild Salon at 19th and Q opened this week in downtown and Midtown. Both of which had lines out the door this weekend.

Dream is definitely the more higher end of the two, with Whiskey Wild Salon being the much more casual bar with live music and a come as you are more "Wild" environment.

Two totally different places, so your choice which one fits your personality more.

Along coming next year are California Pizza Kitchen, Flemings Steak and Wine bar, DeVere's Irish Pub and lounge by the people at Mason's at the site of the old Firestone Building at 16th and L Street.

That Irish Pub is calling my name already, I can't wait.

Fortunately, I drove by the site today and they have the entire area finally fenced off after a year or so of waiting, so looks like improvements are on the way soon. Hopefully it can be open by the holidays next year.

Dream Lounge


Firestone Building Rehad


Whiskey Wild Salon (Taken from Blogging The Grid)


wburg said...

I was a little concerned about Whiskey Wild at first, but after meeting the operators I am less worried: they are taking steps to do everything by the book, including securing entertainment permits and having a good security plan (the owner is an ex-cop), and the more casual/lower price point atmosphere is definitely more my style than a lot of the foo-foo on a stick type places opening up lately. I'm not so much into the country, but if they start booking local psychobilly, freak-folk or bluegrass acts (like the Juggs or the Hell-Outs) I'll be there fo-sho!

Anonymous said...

hey, LIUS- do you know what's going on with the office building at 29th and Q, just east of the freeway? I know that you had some renderings up at one point, but what I'm seeing doesn't quite comport with what I remember. Wasn't it sorta art deco in the drawings?

LivingInUrbanSac said...

I don't think I have a rendering of it, but its an office building built-to-suit for Catholic Healthcare West. I think they taking nearly the entire building.

There is also a small cafe on the ground floor as well that is part of the project.

wburg said...

The design for the CHW building at 29th and Q is kind of a mix between the building a block south and the Glenn Dairy building behind it, kind of gently Deco-ish. There will also be a parking structure, which features a lot more brick and is intended to reflect the cannery, on Alhambra and R, which will have a coffee shop on the Alhambra and R corner. That's in addition to parking areas under the freeway between R and S next to the light rail station.