Tuesday, February 19, 2008

14th and R Ready to Go

I love old brick buildings like this, so I am very happy to see it getting renovated.

With R15, Cafe Bernardo, Space 007 and Empire anchoring one end, with Fox & Goose and The Art Foundry the other end between 10th and 15th, this will help connect the street between those two. Hopefully Capitol Lofts (another cool brick building) does get off the ground this year as planned to put another piece in place. I really think this part of R Street can become a really fun and interesting section of town. Food, Art, Music, Drink and Theatre...

I had a quick conversation with who I think was the owner about a year ago as I was walking by, they originally were looking at a wine bar, but it didn't work out. Now though..

Art Gallery? Yay!

Hof Brau? Double Yay!!

More Sushi? Not so yay. If they stay away from "Rock and Roll Sushi" it could be a Yay with me though. If you are reading, please go more traditional. Ease up on the mayo covered stuff.

R Street can be a special different place in Sacramento. There is a lot of work to do, and a lot of roadblocks (Buzz Boxes, Infrastructure, ect), but here hoping this is another step in the right direction.

Now if someone would take that corner spot in the brick building at R and 11th....

14th and R Street


New rising: Former midtown bakery building to become loft housing
By Bob Shallit - bshallit@sacbee.com
Published 3:41 pm PST Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The housing downturn isn't slowing D&S Development Inc., a Folsom company that's marching ahead with new residential projects.

The latest: Loft dwellings, eateries and possibly an art gallery in what was once a Wonder Bread bakery warehouse at 14th and R streets in downtown Sacramento.

D&S is in escrow to buy the vacant, 95-year-old brick building and plans to start construction next month on what will be 12 residential units sitting above restaurants and retail shops - just down the block from Randy Paragary's R15 nightclub.

"These will be true lofts," Steve Lebastchi, a D&S partner, says of the 600- to 900-square-foot housing units. "We're keeping all the brick....the 15-foot ceilings with exposed ducts and beams." And, he notes, the lofts will be in former industrial space, "just like in New York."

The developers - who last year completed a similar-sized condo project in Old Sac - haven't decided on pricing or whether the R Street housing will be for sale or lease. But they say the units, which come with a parking space, will be built to "condo standards," with energy-saving elements that will qualify for LEED certification.

Among the potential tenants being considered for the 12,000 square feet of retail space are a Japanese restaurant, a "hof brau" and an art gallery.

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wburg said...

Right on. Chalk up another potential winner for D&S.

Anonymous said...

No worries, not another sushi bar with mayo and what not spread all over...think a "sake lounge" with unique but authentic Japanese food, something creative and not typical at all, same with the hof bra, a "hip and modern" take from a group with 20-30 years experience in the traditional hof brau business in the Bay Area, and a bistro/restaurant concept that we are very excited about as well for another one of the spaces...patience, it will come together nicely!

LivingInUrbanSac said...

Thanks for the great info, bay. I live just a couple blocks away, so I am very excited for this.

Please stop by anytime to give us updates on what is going on.

Would you be able to provide any kinda of time line for the project completion?

Anonymous said...

A lot of things are thankfully in place...to be really positive the lofts could be done in 8 months, to be realistic the lofts could be done by early 2009 with the 3-5 restaurants/retail either close to occupancy permits or at least well into their portion of construction and finishes. The good thing about this project is that we had 6-8 months of planning, permitting, and negotiating with prospective Tenants before securing the property. I believe in this project. And I really believe in the R St Corridor. We are going to do everything we can to make this unique mixed use product and something special for that area.

LivingInUrbanSac said...

So in less than a year we could have all this done? Wow..very cool.

My brother will actually be looking for a place in about a year in the size and price ranger I think you will be at...how can he get on an interested list?

Also, if I put my two cents in on retail tenants, I would personally love to see a specially market similar to Taylors on Freeport. or a smaller Corti Brothers. Meats, Cheeses, ect. "Taylor's on R"

Has a nice ring huh?

A bakery is also very high on my list of desired shops.

Central City said...

Taylors on R has a very nice ring . good call.

the central city needs more Uptown Market sized markets to break up the Safeway monopoly .

Anonymous said...

We are currently working on the web site for 1409 R St with info and a sign up for more info/interest option. But you and your brother are more than welcome to email me (bay@dandsdev.com) and check out our company web site (www.dandsdev.com) for samples from our portfolio and info on completed projects.

In regards to a Taylor's/David Berkeley's type of market on the ground floor...I actually have one prospective Tenant (who was working with ABC to get approval to go into another one of our projects in the County) who is taking a look at 1409 R and we are hoping to meet at the site some time in the next couple days or early next week. He's looking for about 1700-2000 sq ft to start. So we shall see...

And wburg if you are reading this I got your message but was in the Bay Area today...call you Fri/Mon to setup a time to meet middle next week...

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I am Yogi916 on the Skyscraper Forum :)

LivingInUrbanSac said...

You would be my hero if you could make the market work.

Anonymous said...

It will work, great location, reasonable size and price, done the best we can, and great Tenant Mix downstairs, it will work!

LivingInUrbanSac said...

Sorry, I think my message came off the wrong way.

I was referring to the Taylor's/David Berkeley's market on the ground floor, not the housing market.

You would be my hero if you could mark that retail tenant work in the project. lol. That's how much I've been wanting one this close to my place...and a bakery.

If you were referring to that, then rock on!

urban_e said...

a wonderful project that will at to the vitality of the R street corridor. Can't wait to see it get underway.