Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Restaurant for the Elks Building?

I haven't been posting very much recently (for those who didn't know, there are actually two people who post on this site. Me and Zwahlen Images)

Life has been really busy...but in a really good way.

Anyways..Here are some renderings from the K Street Walk thingamabob of a planned restaurant at the Elks Building on the 11st Street side. The plan is to have it on three levels and go down to where the pool once was. The proposed d├ęcor will have the old charm the 20's and 30's.

No word on if it's a chain (hopefully not, even though I think M&S did a great job)


Zwahlen Images said...

Cool, glad you posted it. The owner of the restaurant L Wine Lounge & Urban Kitchen at 1801 L street are behind this. I think it will be an independent and not a chain.

Daniel said...

This looks great! When can I get a reservation?

Anonymous said...

ugh...did somebody barf on the renderings?

Jake Favour said...

Which owners of L are behind this? Isn't there a couple of partners?

As for the renderings, that's just old school hand illustration. Show some compassion, not everyone is digital wizard today!

Zwahlen Images said...

I don't remember his name, it could be that all the partners are going in on the endeavor too?