Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lit-Up Capitol Mall Tower

The final touches to David Taylor's 621 Capitol Mall tower are about done. When I saw the top of the tower lit-up this weekend, I thought it looked pretty good. As I got closer to the base of the building I was even more impressed with the art hanging in the lobby. I think the suspended art's very cool and unlike any other art I've seen in this city.

The north side of the tower is still a disappointment to me. The side facing L Street has that awful car garage and the tower it's self looks like an afterthought no one was intended to see (sarcasm). It will just have to be one of those parts of the city that when I pass by it on L Street I'll start thinking about something else.

Over all I think David Taylor made a good effort and the exterior lighting for the tower scores several points in my book.


Gary Reed said...

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Zwahlen Images said...

Sounds good Gary, thanks :-)

Calvary Chapel Sacramento said...

The tower looks nice from the East side of the city (Secretary of State building area). I particularly like the contrast between the glass curtain wall of the tower and the central solid mass.