Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mix of Retail Tenants - MARRS

I think the MAARS project on 20th between J and K should be a prototype for every retail and retail portion of mixed use projects in Sacramento.

A coffee shop, news stand, art gallery, clothing boutique, a couple sit down restaurants/lounges and a quick bite place.

Great mix of tenants that keeps activity going on all day and night.

Though they are different projects in different areas, developments like The Firestone Building at 16th and L, that offer only sit down restaurants, while great for evening traffic and nightlife, really seem to create dead spots during the day.

My hope is the much anticipated (at least by me) DeVere’s Irish Pub can help with foot traffic during the day.

Including even one tenant that attracts day time traffic really helps a project area.



Thirty Champagnes by the glass? What is Ali Mackani thinking? Big, again. Mackani, who in the fall of 2005 opened the electric Restaurant 55 Degrees along Capitol Mall, is close to launching his next ambitious project, Lounge on 20, where the beverage menu is to include 30 Champagnes by the glass.

Lounge on 20, which Mackani hopes to open in early June, and possibly as soon as late May, will occupy the southeast portion of the MARRS building at 20th and K in midtown Sacramento. MARRS - Midtown Art Retail Restaurant Scene - already is home to the Solomon Dubnick Gallery, restaurants Luigi's Slice and Azul, and shops DV8 and Newsbeat.

Lounge on 20 is to be a hybrid restaurant and wine bar where the focus will be on socialization. "If you know the Redroom Room of the Clift Hotel in San Francisco, that's the kind of interaction we want," says Mackani. The conviviality will be fueled by the Champagnes, an equally extensive list of wines by the glass, creative cocktails, community tables, and a New American menu whereby dishes can be ordered in three sizes - "a taste, a small plate or a shared tray for three or four people," says Mackani. "We want to promote socializing over food and drink."

The place will be big, seating up to 170 inside, another 80 on the deck. Mackani is being assisted in putting together Lounge on 20 by two key principals of Restaurant 55 Degrees, executive chef Luc Dendievel and manager Kassidy Harris. Mackani hopes to finalize the hiring of a chef de cuisine for the new place this week. The opening of Lounge on 20 will mean no change for Restaurant 55 Degrees, he adds.


Just Jules said...

I couldn't agree more about the MARRS building! I was just there this past Sunday and strolled through the shops after pickking up a cup of coffee...I wish there were more gems like this in Sac!

Anonymous said...

I think the 18th and L / L Street Lofts have been approaching the commercial retail leasing in the same fashion. It helps to have developers who understand urbanology and specificaly the Midtown scene.

LivingInUrbanSac said...

Yeah, the 18th and L projects do have a nice mix to them as well. Esp with the addition of Ikon, Ginger Elizabeth's, the Yogurt place, and home products store.

I'm really curious to see who the restaurant is that is opening in L Street Lofts. I've heard rumors of a Michael Mina restaurant or a place by Aqua out of SF. That was quite a while ago though.

From what I have heard, I think 14th and R could have a nice mix as well. I just hope the East End Gateway sites at 16th and O follow suit as well.

Carl said...

What, a whole half block with no cell phone store, nail salon, dry cleaner, UPS store or Panda Express? Whatever will people do?

Central City said...

What a great final piece for that corner !

Admit it though , the name coulda been better ...