Wednesday, November 26, 2008

McKinley Village Project

A notice of preparation for an EIR has been filed for the McKinley Village Project in east Sacramento. The proposed project includes the development of up to 405 residential units with an intimate urban parks and common greens; a village green with a community clubhouse, pool and formal gardens; and a mixed use residential and commercial building. Also, plans for a church and a community hall fronting the westerly neighborhood park. As currently proposed, the residential component consists of approximately 369 single-family detached homes and approximately 28 live/work residential units located above ground-floor commercial space. The number of units may be increased by up to 8 units for a total of 405.

The project site currently has access via a two-lane overpass across Business 80 from the west that connects to the downtown grid system at 28th and A Streets. Additional access is also planned from the east at Lanatt Way by connecting to Elvas Avenue and C Street through the future construction of a railroad undercrossing.

The development history of this projects site goes back over twenty years. Back in the late 80's early 90's the proposed Centrage project caused a big stir with over 1200 housing units in two 16 story towers, 1 million sf of office space in two 20 story towers, 230,000 sf of retail space and anchored by a 16 story tower 450 room hotel.


Jake Favour said...

I know this property, its not far from my house and seems to be one of the most neglected lots around. There are a few squatters that live under a grove of trees just off the freeway and a couple of billboards dotting the land. Such an underutilized chuck of land. I hope that can do something innovative with this.

Fiction said...

am I the only one that thinks this lot is not ideal for residential development? it just seems much too isolated.

I think it would be a good spot to absorb all the central-city industry that is being bounced from the Richards Blvd. corridor.

Schwags said...

Tough site. Ideally it would be an extension of Sutters Landing Park or an urban farm. I always loved seeing the remnant orchard blooming in the springtime and it gave a nice break to the urban landscape. Since it is so isolated the current plan seems OK to add residential and the church, but I'd prefer to see less single family. I do think they should include a half interchange to Bus 80 since it is right there.

Zwahlen Images said...

I think that a great idea Fiction, to have central-city industry locate there. I would not want to live between the RR tracks and six lanes of freeway like it is here. I bet community groups are going raise a stink and attempt to kill whatever is proposed there.

wburg said...

What industry is being bounced from the Richards Blvd. corridor?

Zwahlen Images said...

For more info on the McKinley Village proposal check out this site:

J Lehr said...

Yeah I was just talking about this.. and the fact that traffic would seem to be a big concern since there would only be one way in and out of the new neighborhood. Anyways I have a blog that talks about local and national politics so if you're into Sac stuff check it out
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