Monday, November 10, 2008

The Tribute Building

Developer Mike Heller is currently proposing a 4-story commercial mixed-use building at 20th and Capitol Ave. for a total of 47,000 gsf and consists of approximately 32,100 square feet of office space and 6,000 square feet of retail space.

The project will also have a roof top garden, 28 parking spaces and use smart growth principles. The proposed building materials will have a glass curtain wall with 3 shades of blue/green tinted vision glazing, clear glass with white laminate, and colored metal panels. Integrated art wall accents the stair tower and entry with astorefront window system and vertical metal panels at the pedestrian level for a strong architectural statement.

Until ealier this year, an auto shop and warehouse building were once on the site and have since been demolished.


Jake Favour said...

I love it. Heller is one of the few companies pushing the architectural envelope in downtown and catalyzing the renewal of our fair city. We need more developers like him.

wburg said...

It looks pretty much like a Fifties Modernist office building. Is it supposed to be "retro" or something?

Todd said...

thanks god sac has heller and loftworks. the other developers in your town build slop. with KJ and guys like heller, Sac should be enjoying some nice new digs once the market expands again.

Anonymous said...

Here's an excerpt from the Design Concept Narrative submitted to the Design Comission by :

Forty years ago, Mike Heller Sr. partnered with an upcoming artist, Wayne Thiebaud, to create one of
the great modern buildings in our region. That building is the SMUD headquarters, and that partnership
gave way to a close relationship between the Heller and Thiebaud families. Forty years later, Mike
Heller Jr. and Paul Thiebaud are now paying homage to their fathers and to their legacy. The Tribute
building, a 47,000 sf office building, will serve as a tribute to the legacy of Heller and Thiebaud. It will
celebrate the integration of art, construction, and Sacramento that Mike and Paul’s fathers created in
the SMUD headquarters.

Additional info and images can be found here: