Sunday, February 22, 2009

Five Hundred Capitol Mall

Last Friday I was invited to go up into 500 Capitol Mall (The Bank of the West Tower) and get a few photos of the 4-story lobby off Capitol Mall and the shared 25th and Penthouse windows at the top floors. The building is currently experimenting with interior lighting in the lobby and soon the pinnacle at the top of the tower. By mid-March exterior lighting facing Capitol Mall will be turned on to really making the building stand out.

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late nite said...

Great photos. Is a restaurant still planned for the top floor? I was excited to hear about that a while back, but haven't heard anyone mention it lately. Was it cut from the plan?

Zwahlen Images said...

The developer had hoped to lure a restaurant to the top floor and even reduced the cost to rent per square foot to do so, but it doe's not look like anyone has shown serious interest.

Lunar said...

Your photos are fantastic, however that building is the biggest eyesore this city has put up in quite awhile. Whoever thought the blue lines on the exterior was a good idea needs to never design another building again.

Zwahlen Images said...

Thank you Lunar.

I would beg to differ, 621 Capitol Mall (US Bank Tower) down the street has some pretty bad design flaws. If you look at that tower only from Capitol Mall it looks nice but in my opinion the tower looks awful from any other direction. It's to bad the architect for 621cm did not consider that people would also look at the 400’ highrise from other directions like it’s back side.

I think 500cm works fine and the blue is a nice accent color. I also like how the windows reflect the sky, but I'm not so hot on how there are no vertical lines when you look at the tower from the sides that are wide and fat.

Beaux Mondes Designs said...

Great photos! as a huge fan of skyscrapers, I love it anytime one goes up in this city.