Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dim Lights at 500 Capitol Mall

For some reason the exterior lights of 500 Capitol Mall just aren’t as bright as they were advertised three years ago when it was approved to build by the city. Unless you standing right in front of the tower, the dim lights that are on it can hardly be seen and a big disappointment compared to the night rendering (shown above) making it really glow like the Wells Fargo Center on Capitol Mall. I have contacted the leasing company of the tower several times asking if the exterior lighting was going to be improve only to be told they would get back to me but never did. I was really hoping that this building would add more dramatic lighting to Capitol Mall like other new high-rises on the Mall. Unfortunately, I think this will be the best were going to see from this tower and it will join the many other high-rises downtown that have also failed to light-up as advertised like the Federal Courthouse and EPA tower on “I” Street. Aesthetics like lighting are so important now that our cities tiring to push forward a makeover of Capitol Mall from the riverfront to 9th Street, let’s hope some lighting improvements can be made in an effort to revamp the Malls future.


brian said...

Most people should be happy that building isn't lit. That sent our skyline back 30 years in arhitectural aesthetics.

Zwahlen Images said...

Did you prefer the original design of the Parthenon replica on top of the tower becoming the tallest structure in Sacramento by 60 feet? I was not thrilled about either design but at least this building does not look like it belongs in Vegas which the Parthenon would have done.

brian said...

I seriously think just becuase something can be built, doesn't mean it should be built. This structure celebrates everything that is wrong with architecture and urban design. I am all for high-rises, a design like this. There is no street level activation, no large idea upon which the design is based, and each facade and floor is far too repetitive. There are talented architects that have successfully done these building types, and they should be the ones hired for these jobs. Not someone who has continued to designed cake layers around town, giving us iconic eyesores.
I still can't believe this made it through Design Review.

Eddie said...

I hated the buidling when it was first constructed but like the Vader building, it has grown on me. I strngly disagree that it has set Sacramento skyline back thirty years because thrity years ago there was no skyline really to speak of. Can it be better? Absolutely, but it does strengthen the west end of the Capital Mall.
It's a shame the Towers and Aura didn't get constructed because that nd of CM would be stunning.
I agree with you Mike that the lighting on this building is not living up to its potential and have tired myself to get the Federal Courthouse and Pyriamid illuminated again without success.

Jim B (Urban_E)

Sheen said...

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